• Who Can Join VoicED?
    As long as you work in the education sector and are 16 and over, have access to the internet, a land line or mobile phone, you can join VoicED. We are a UK-based community, so you do need to be resident in the UK, with a valid postcode, to join. The only thing we ask is that you like taking part in education sector research, and that you give open and honest answers!

  • How Do I Become A Member?
    Click here to become a member. After receiving your password by email, please log in and complete our profiling survey. All details collected will be used for legitimate market research purposes only and NOT for sales or marketing. After completing the profiling survey you will be fully registered with us and ready to take part in our research projects. We will send you an email when a relevant survey is available to complete, or you can check the members' area of the site to see any outstanding invitations you may have.

  • Does It Cost Anything For Joining?
    No, it doesn't cost anything. In fact, VoicED offers incentives for taking part in surveys. Incentives vary according to the particular survey, but include points for vouchers, prize draws, cash and donations to our charity or your selected education establishment.

  • Can I Create More Than One Account?
    We're afraid not. We reward our members for taking part in surveys, but we ask our members to be honest. Our systems identify multiple account entries and prevent multiple participation in surveys. We also undertake quality checks of completed surveys before allocating rewards. Members who donít abide by these basic and simple rules risk having their accounts deleted, and forfeiting being paid. People who join VoicED must accept these terms and conditions when they join.

  • How Do I Change My Details After Registering?
    You'll need to log in and then click on "Profile" - within this section click on edit. From here you'll be able to change your details including your email address. If you need help changing your profile, please get in touch with us via contact@voiced.org.uk

  • How Is My Data Protected?
    VoicED is run by DJS Research Ltd. VoicED and DJS Research Ltd follow the data protection act 1998 and DJS Research Ltd is registered under the act - registration number: Z1091106. We are also Company Partners of the Market Research Society and run all of our projects using their guidelines.

  • Will I Receive Emails From 3rd Parties?
    Absolutely not. VoicED is purely about market research and nothing to do with sales and marketing. We pride ourselves on this and we will never use your data in this way.

  • What Information Do You Need To Collect From Me?
    We need to collect various contact information about you along with details about your education background. Please rest assured that all details collected will only be used for legitimate market research purposes and NOT for sales or marketing. The information also helps us to target our surveys to the correct audience.

  • Can I Cancel My Membership?
    We hope you stay with us, but if you no longer want to participate in our research you are free to deactivate your account at any time. You can deactivate your account yourself by clicking on the unsubscribe link on the footer of the www.voiced.org.uk web page. Please note that if you deactivate your account, any reward points that have been accumulated will not be paid and, if you subsequently rejoin VoicED at a later date, the rewards accumulated previously would not be carried forward into a new account. However the reward points accumulated by you for your nominated educational establishment / charity will still be valid.

  • What Types Of Questions Will I Be Asked?
    The topics that we will be asking you about will vary in nature. Previously we have done work for awarding bodies to help them shape the qualifications they offer and for other clients we have gathered feedback on teaching resources. So, the subject matter will vary but all invites will clearly indicate what the research is about prior to you deciding whether to undertake a survey or not. Much of our research is quick and fun to do, from qualitative focus groups through to online surveys and in-depth telephone interviews. Many of our surveys focus on issues which are relevant to the education sector and go on to get coverage in leading educational journals, magazines and other UK educational media streams.

  • How Long Is A Typical Survey?
    This depends on the subject matter and type of survey, but most online surveys are between 5 and 10 minutes, whereas focus groups can be up to 90 minutes. Obviously, the reward points for participating in different methods of research will also vary depending on the length and type of research being completed.

  • Do I have To Participate In Every Survey?
    No, it is up to you whether you participate or not. We will remind you a couple of times but if you do not want to take part simply ignore the emails.

  • How Can I Participate In More Surveys?
    We're afraid that you will only be able take part in surveys when you are invited. We will do our best to invite you regularly enough so that you are engaged with VoicED. By keeping your profile up to date we will have better information and will be better able to target invitations to research.

  • What Am I And My Nominated Establishment Rewarded For Completing Surveys?
    This depends entirely on the type of research methodology and the length of the interview. Examples of this range from prize draws for poll type online surveys through to 4000 points (£40) for focus group participation. It completely depends! However, typical rewards for online research surveys vary from 50 points (£0.50) up to 1000 points (£10). The exact reward for the research activity is clearly stated on the survey invite or members area before you participate. Typically, all rewards will be paid to you and your nominated educational establishment / charity equally, so if you receive 50 points (£0.50) for taking part in a survey your nominated establishment / charity will also receive the same reward of 50 points (£0.50).

  • Will I Be Rewarded For Every Survey I Complete?
    Yes Ė if you fully complete a research activity. We endeavour to invite you to take part in regular and relevant research, but sometimes not everyone fits the profile. You are not paid for answering the screening questions (e.g. Have you been on a field trip this year?) which determine whether you are eligible. If you find that the research is not relevant to you, we will try to invite you to an alternative research activity that is as soon as one becomes available. VoicED offers various types of rewards, which are discussed in the point above.

  • How Will My Rewards Be Paid?
    Rewards can be redeemed by visiting the members area of www.voiced.org.uk and you are able to redeem points in denominations of 1000 points (£10). Providing that you have the adequate number of points, a voucher will be emailed to your registered email account. Your institution point pot is unique to your own. Once the institutionís points reach a specific amount, we will contact the institution to arrange delivery of a cheque.

  • How Can I Find Out More About Commissioning Education Market Research?
    If you would like to know more about the education market research offered by VoicED, which includes both qualitative and quantitative research both through the VoicED Community and without it, please visit our client side website: Education Market Research


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