Rewards & Prizes

There are a number of rewards and prizes on offer for completing our surveys:

  • Voucher incentives for you and your chosen institution or our charity
  • For certain types of research we will offer cash incentives
  • Entry into free prize draws
  • Supporting our nominated charity: The Prince's Teaching Institute

The amount you will receive will depend on the type of survey that you take part in. For the majority of surveys, if you complete 10 short online surveys (each will take around 5 minutes) you will receive £10 worth of vouchers and your chosen institution will also receive the same amount. Or, if you are invited to one of our group discussions, you will receive £40-£50 cash.

Your incentives will be built up overtime and can be cashed in multiples of £10.

From time to time you will also be given the option of taking part in short surveys and opt in for your chance to win prize draws or donate to our charity. Incentives available will be clearly outlined on invitation emails.

Remember if 15 staff from your institution joined and took part in a survey a week that equates to an additional £780 a year for your institution!

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